The Vision to success


Erwin Lasshofer

Taste Of Success:

 From the proverb failure is the stepping stone for success one can understand that success is not a fruity pulp that can be easily achieved. It is like a jackfruit which is thorny outside and has a delicious pulp inside. Not every step to success will be a failure there will be some ups and downs before tasting the flavour of success. The history of the INNOVATIS has the same. The legally approved company which was established in 2001 by Erwin Lasshofer is a grand success with his hard work of seven years from 1994 when he started his own independent company. With two years of experience as area manager at Raiffeisen bank Salzburg in Austria and with a wide knowledge in financing a step towards success was taken on 1994.

Road To Success:

The start-up in 1994 becomes a ladder to INNOVATIS. The first independent work mainly focused on the quality service to the stake holders, Fund management, Investment product design and project financing with the focus on two major continents in the globe Asia and Europe. The service was provided to both the private and the corporate investors. After gaining seven years of experience and reputation from the clients the dream of Erwin Lasshofer comes true with a giant success as INNOVATIS. An individual who MEET THE INNOVATS TEAM the quality of their service can be smelled. INNOVATIS provides services like developing projects, regulated investment management and trading of fixed income and other products.

 His wider knowledge, experience and capability made INNOVATIS to reach the next extent as INNOVATIS (Sussie) AG in 2011 at Switzerland which sets its major goal to provide the asset management service. Apart from designing financial products which is customized for the special needs of individual clients the company provides an expertise asset advisory and portfolio management. This work of Erwin Lasshofer shows the experience of him in the world of banking.

The Master Mind:

 Erwin Lasshofer sacrifices himself to the world of finance as candle which sacrifice itself to provide light. From an interview and the article Erwin Lasshofer: The Pros Of Asset Consulting the services of INNOVATIS can be identified. INNOVATIS with its best asset of investment team have a talented team who put a lot of effort, resources and time to satisfy the clients. The asset managers who are the employees are treated in the way same as that of investors who provide the good service and acts as a pillar for INNOVATIS.


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