Inside Innovatis

Innovatis is an asset management firm that has been quick in establishing its name in the corporate sector as one of the premium asset management firms. Innovatis offers a vast range of services, from offering consultancy to making investments for their clients, to financial analysis of assets. The company began in 2001 by Erwin Lasshofer, a veteran in the field of financial management. Erwin Lasshofers work in this field spanned for more than a decade before opening Innovatis. Currently Innovatis has two core subsidiaries; Innovatis (Suisse) AG and Innovatis Guernsey Limited. The company caters to a vast number of clients, ranging from high net worth individuals to multinational companies


Innovatis has spread its operations across all five continents; hence it is not difficult to meet the Innovatis team. The company’s main aim upon its conception in 2001 was to provide a one stop solution for its clients financial management needs. The company helps provide its clients with financial strategies that aid with a company’s stability, through consistent consultancy. Clients are provided with up to date financial trends.

Not only does Innovatis practice fund management, it also tries to invest in to third party real estate in order to enhance its own portfolio, hence the company successfully practices what it preaches. This also helps ensure that the client’s funds are invested in an asset which provides maximum profits with minimal risk. Though Innovatis promises a one stop solution for financial requirements for its clients, every subsidiary of Innovatis operates with a different mechanism depending on its area of operation; as an example Innovatis Austria provides consultancy whereas Innovatis GmbH is involved in real estate project.

The big picture

Innovatis’ main competency is the fact that their services are tailor made to each client. This helps in encouraging the feeling of reliability in Innovatis. This very aspect is strengthened by the diversity provided in its services. Erwin Lasshofer has come very far in his journey to specialize in asset and fund management, and this only enables Innovatis to further expand and improve upon its processes and operations. Innovatis centers its profitability and success toward the success of its clients; hence it is essential that all of Innovatis’ grow to their optimal potential. This in itself is a motivation for Innovatis to constantly innovate in its specialization, as well diversify in to further fields. This fact is best explained in ‘Erwin Lasshofer: The Pros of Asset Consulting’.

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