Erwin Lasshofer Shares His Knowledge

Erwin Erwin Lasshofer is a well-known and well-respected name in the asset management industry. The Austrian-born native started working as an area manager in a listed investment company when he was just twenty-two years old. Within two years, he had started his own company, INNOVATIS. His prime focus was designing investment products, fund management, and project financing. He was able to serve both private and corporate clients in Europe and Asia.

By 2008, he was expanding his reach when he co-founded INNOVATIS Asset Management SA. This company’s main focus was fixed income market products. He is constantly working to find specific products that are tailor-made for each client. His current title is the sole beneficial owner of INNOVATIS GmbH Austria. He also serves on the board of several other INNOVATIS entities including INNOVATIS Guernsey Limited and INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG.

INNOVATIS brand has grown over the years to include many entities. There are INNOVATIS branches that specialize in consulting, asset management, or equity and real estate in many different countries. There are INNOVATIS entities in Austria, Switzerland, Guernsey, Panama, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Italy. Through his hard work and the hard work of the very talented staff that is employed at all the different INNOVATIS outlets Erwin Lasshofer is able to reach his clients all over world and custom make portfolios suited just for their needs.

Erwin Lasshofer has had over twenty years in the asset management business. He is extremely dedicated to his work and because of that he has continued to expand his company and his reputation. He is passionate about helping other and loves sharing his insights.

Erwin Lasshofer INNOVATIS mastermind recently shared a bit about his company and what it took to get him where he is today. He wants everyone to know that things did not come easy for him and that he worked hard to build the INNOVATIS name. He feels that getting a degree and working at an important firm are not enough. He says, “Think like a CEO but be prepared to work harder than anyone in your firm.” Most importantly he believes that being a success is not just about bringing home a lot of money or having a successful business. It is about having integrity, being honest, and having the respect of our peers and clients.

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