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One of the most successful people that were able to keep their professional life and social life at par is Erwin Lasshofer. He is the president of Innovatis Company. Apart from this accomplishment, he is highly active on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. This is a feature that most people on his level have not been able to accomplish. It is said that in the world today the best way to know about a person is to know how they expose themselves on popular social media sites.


Since the start of his career, he has showed activity on the site by honestly updating his career achievements. The Australian born has been able to show his career objectives and does not shy off from teaching other individuals on the skills of success. This can be clearly shown from his LinkedIn profile. Since LinkedIn can be classified as a professional or career business site, you can easily see the number of connections he has on his profile. Erwin Lasshofer on LinkedIn profile is visible for the public. This means that anybody is able to view his profile.


Most people in the same position as Erwin Lasshofer do not have the time for social media sites like Facebook. Erwin on the other hand has proved that he stands out from the rest. The best way to meet new people in the world today is through social media sites. Since Facebook is the most popular type of social media site, Erwin has been able to share his thoughts and achievements with the world through the site. His profile page is well organized and filled with motivational as well as funny posts.


One can easily find Erwin Lasshofer on Facebook by simply searching his name. He has been able to use the social media site to promote the company and inform people on what the company is all about. By using links, you can be able to access Innovatis directly from his Facebook page. His constant updates shows that he is highly active on the site and dedicated to inform people on what the company is all about. From his posts one can be able to easily see what he intends to do being the president of the company. He shares ideas, visions and imposed strategies. Simply said, you can b able to know all about Erwin Lasshofer from his Facebook page.

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  1. I was very satisfied with the service Innovatis provided me with. They gave great advice on potential invenstments that ended up having a great return. I highly recommend their services.

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