Erwin Lasshofer: From One Goal to Another

In the year 1994, Erwin Lasshofer established his own company, INNOVATIS, which focuses on financial management. He started his company in Hamburg, Germany, attracting many clients and investors, with his credibility and savvy touch on business that can never be learned within any university.

Erwin Lasshofer’s goal, as he started his company, is to create a team that will provide a unique service for each needs of the clients, focuses from one client to another, maintaining the equal focus on each. Now, the company is considered to be one of the best is asset management in the world.

Erwin Lasshofer started his career in finance at the age of 22, at a listed investment firm. When he left his work to start INNOVATIS, he was already the area manager. At 24, he established INNOVATIS, with one goal in mind, create a company that will proved a high quality asset management, that will give 100% focus on each of its clients.
As the years progress, Lasshofer succeeded in attracting clients and investors with his credibility, ability and savvy business planning. By 2001, he was able to expand his business in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, South Africa, Panama and the Bahamas. This expansion has provided him and his team a wide network, to enable them to give their clients a higher quality of service.

After 2 decades since he first established INNOVATIS, Erwin Lasshofer become renowned in the financial world. IN 2011, he created INNOVATIS (Suisse), a team that focuses more on financial product and investment planning that caters to the different needs of the individuals and institutions.

Now his company serves 10 countries around the world, with 25 issuers/bankers, 115 products, with the focus on the clients need in mind.

Lasshofer was able to establish a very credible company, which provides services from individuals to corporations, in their finances and personal assets. He created a unique way of financial planning, and as Erwin Lasshofer talks about himself and INNOVATIS, we learn more that he dedicated two decades, and possibly more, of his life to giving high quality financial services to clients and investors.

Learn more about Erwin Lasshofer on LinkedIn, and see his connections to other finance professionals. Check out the Latest tweets from Erwin Lasshofer, to know his current goals in the financial world. His success made his name renowned in the asset management market, and he continues to give high quality financial service to his clients and investors.

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