Erwin Lasshofer and his knowledge

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Erwin Lasshofer is born in Austria and popular for his brand INNOVATIS. He has been helping both the corporations and individuals in the wealth management field for over twenty years. This helped him and made one of the well respected and popular names in this industry.

Erwin Lasshofer has started his career in Austria at a listed investment firm at the age of 22. Two years later he left the company and he was in a post of the area manager. He knew that he has to build his own company. He made his dream turn into INNOVATIS. Now it is one of the biggest names in the asset management.

Through Erwin Lasshofer’s passion for the financial market he made INNOVATIS internationally popular. When he opener INNOVATIS in Germany in 1994. Then he was dedicated to designing investment projects, fund management and project financing for the clients in Asia and Europe. After opening in Germany, he spread INNOVATIS in many countries like Panama, South Africa, Italy, Switzerland and many more.

Erwin Lasshofer started one stop service center for the client’s requirements. They work one on one with each of the clients to tailor make investment portfolios which are right for the client’s particular needs.

When they are meeting with the members of INNOVATIS, Erwin Lasshofer reminds them that the requirements of the clients always take center stage. This means that they have to exercise the diligence and have to come up with the best financial services and products for the clients. Each of the investment team members is expected to adapt and innovate in response to fluctuating the market trends or unexpected changes in the client’s circumstances.

The latest offer of Erwin Lasshofer to the financial world was in 2011was when he opened INNOVATIS (SUISSE) AG. INNOVATIS have helped the clients with asset advisors, portfolio management and customized financial products which fit the needs of each client.

Recently Erwin Lasshofer has shared a few things about his company like what he was in the past a, what he did to get all this and what it is now. He just wants to let the people know that INNOVATIS did not come so easily. He has to work hard to build this name.

The satisfied clients take a center stage at INNOVATIS always. Therefore, they use financial engineering and a vast network of issuers to optimize the payout profile of the financial products tailored to the client’s needs and risk profile. Working as an external portfolio manager is the core competence and strength.

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