Do you have a wealth manager suitable for your requirements?

It can get pretty difficult when you decide to select a wealth manager to deal with your finances. You will want to hire the services of a professional without making any mistakes. To get an understanding about how you can achieve your goal you will be required to conduct extensive research or ask for recommendations before deciding.

Factors you would have to consider before you decide who will manage your assets

Ask yourself whether the individual contracted shares the same business policy as you do. Initially when beginning the relationship it is certain you and the wealth manager would have discussed and identified some financial goals to achieve. If the chosen individual understands the business, he or she would have strategies situated properly to help you achieve your objectives. Methods to measure the progress of your investments will also be in place.

The Wealth manager you are dealing with keeps things simple. There is a lot of technical jargon in the financial market which you would find difficult to understand. The reason you hired a wealth manager is simply because your assets are growing and need assistance from a financial expert to be properly managed. When you look at Erwin Lasshofer and the pros of asset consulting you will be able to understand how a wealth manager that has your best interests at heart can simplify things. The manager will have to keep things simple and explain matters to you without using the technical jargon involved.

Communication is as important as your wealth. You cannot rest assured your wealth is in good hands just because you have hired a manager. There is a need for you to understand the manager should be communicating with you regularly about any updates that may be required. This is the best way you can understand whether you have appointed a manager suited to your requirements.

Your wealth manager provides undivided attention to you. Erwin Lasshofer is a great choice for wealth manager who mentions that he and his team at Innovatis are committed to building long-term relationships with their clients. They are willing to offer unparalleled services for the business you are providing them. Whenever you pose a question to them, an answer will be provided within the shortest possible time. This indicates you are getting the attention you deserve.

Your wealth manager has your confidence and trust. You can just have a long-term relationship with the manager hired by you if they have earned your trust and confidence. In other conditions that relationship can add best be defined as short-term and is one that will in all likelihood end soon.

If your wealth manager meets all the factors mentioned in this discussion you can rest assured you have made the right choice and are well on your way to becoming rich soon.For more information View all of Erwin Lasshofer’s Presentations.

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Is Erwin Lasshofer an asset manager who can be trusted?

Coming across the name of Erwin Lasshofer is quite easy when you begin a search for a leader in the field of asset management. With the type of experience he has and a track record that spells success all the way you will find his name difficult to ignore. The brand he created Innovatis is not just popular in the business of wealth management but has an international presence as well.

It was in 1994 when Erwin Lasshofer armed with a degree and two years of experience working with a listed investment company decided to establish an entity known as Innovatis in Hamburg, Germany. During those days, the entity was involved in designing investment projects, fund management and project financing for clients in Europe and Asia. Erwin Lasshofer did not give up after he established Innovatis in Germany and continued his plans for expansion by establishing a presence for the brand in Austria, Guernsey, South Africa, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom and Panama. Innovatis (Suisse) AG is the latest addition to his ever-growing expansion plans. Going through Erwin Lasshofer’s business profile as a founder at Innovatis AG it will be easy to understand the individual and why he should be trusted as an asset manager.

As mentioned earlier realization of the need for having a company of his own came rather early to Erwin Lasshofer and just when he was 24 years when working as an area manager. His passion for the financial market has ensured steady growth for the company he had established to make it a place where solutions will be provided for all their client requirements. The highly qualified and professional staff working with the company provides individual services to clients by creating investment portfolios tailor-made for their needs.

Erwin Lasshofer is aware that the market for asset managers is saturated. He understands this is a serious matter and cannot be handled by amateurs without the experience needed. He takes pains to ensure you make the right choice when searching for an asset manager who is qualified and experienced. Erwin Lasshofer talks about himself and Innovatis on several online publications that can be accessed to give you information about his experience and why you should be looking forward to using his services. He is a leader in the business of asset management and is one who is trusted throughout the world. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are in good hands if you decide to deal with him for the services you need.

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Erwin Lasshofer: From One Goal to Another

In the year 1994, Erwin Lasshofer established his own company, INNOVATIS, which focuses on financial management. He started his company in Hamburg, Germany, attracting many clients and investors, with his credibility and savvy touch on business that can never be learned within any university.

Erwin Lasshofer’s goal, as he started his company, is to create a team that will provide a unique service for each needs of the clients, focuses from one client to another, maintaining the equal focus on each. Now, the company is considered to be one of the best is asset management in the world.

Erwin Lasshofer started his career in finance at the age of 22, at a listed investment firm. When he left his work to start INNOVATIS, he was already the area manager. At 24, he established INNOVATIS, with one goal in mind, create a company that will proved a high quality asset management, that will give 100% focus on each of its clients.
As the years progress, Lasshofer succeeded in attracting clients and investors with his credibility, ability and savvy business planning. By 2001, he was able to expand his business in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, South Africa, Panama and the Bahamas. This expansion has provided him and his team a wide network, to enable them to give their clients a higher quality of service.

After 2 decades since he first established INNOVATIS, Erwin Lasshofer become renowned in the financial world. IN 2011, he created INNOVATIS (Suisse), a team that focuses more on financial product and investment planning that caters to the different needs of the individuals and institutions.

Now his company serves 10 countries around the world, with 25 issuers/bankers, 115 products, with the focus on the clients need in mind.

Lasshofer was able to establish a very credible company, which provides services from individuals to corporations, in their finances and personal assets. He created a unique way of financial planning, and as Erwin Lasshofer talks about himself and INNOVATIS, we learn more that he dedicated two decades, and possibly more, of his life to giving high quality financial services to clients and investors.

Learn more about Erwin Lasshofer on LinkedIn, and see his connections to other finance professionals. Check out the Latest tweets from Erwin Lasshofer, to know his current goals in the financial world. His success made his name renowned in the asset management market, and he continues to give high quality financial service to his clients and investors.

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Erwin Lasshofer values his clients the most

The noble personality Erwin Lasshofer born in Austria is the man who is responsible for the name and fame that is associated with his company INNOVATIS. Lasshofer and his team have been helping out and working with individual clients and several institutions and corporations as well for many years with absolutely excellent and flawless performance every time.

Erwin Lasshofer during his early days had started his career as an area manager in a listed investment company and later left his job in order to build his own company and gradually established it successfully as a brand what is today known as INNOVATIS. The company has got an efficient asset management team who carry out the various asset management projects with absolute professionalism ensuring the best guidance for their clients prioritizing their key concerns.

It was in the year 2011, Lasshofer thought of opening another entity in Switzerland and did exactly so under the name of INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG. This organization in Switzerland specializes in framing and designing several financial products as per the requirement and need of various clients. Since, Erwin Lasshofer himself is a learned person and has acquired several corporate and financial knowledge in this particular field, this person thus loves to share his view and vision with his clients and always try to help them with a positive and satisfactory solution. He even helps his client to find the most suitable investment idea and plan that can prove to be beneficial for each and every one of them.

A motivated and energetic man like Erwin Lasshofer knows exactly the most suitable asset management plan that shall be appropriate for a client so that clarity and utmost sincerity in the job is also maintained properly. A wealth or asset manager must understand your need and goals at first and then shall suggest you with the most suitable idea of investment so that there remains a complete balance and genuineness in a particular venture. Moreover, an asset manager should be someone extremely trustworthy just like Erwin Lasshofer, whom the clients can trust and shall feel comfortable to interact with. Keeping in mind all these minute details, Erwin Lasshofer genuinely thinks about his clients in order to provide them a complete and secured package of asset management plans and ideas so that the clients are always on the advantageous side enjoying their venture.

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